FLUX-FILL GT Filling system

The compact, semi-automatic filling system with a scale for calibrated, efficient batching


High process reliability

  • Exact, calibrated filling according pre-packaging regulation (FPackV) depending on the system configuration from 1.1 to 110 lbs. (0.5 to 50 kg)
  • Safe filling of low viscosity liquids up to 150 cPs
  • One-person operation of the adjustable filling process with integrated safety functions
  • Automated on/off switching of the feeding pump via the system
  • No start of the filling process without container in place
  • High level of operation safety thanks to password protection and retrievable filling programs
  • No unwanted under or overfilling
  • Safe filling also with slightly foaming media
  • Requirement-specific parametrization via operating terminal
  • Filling table made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable number of containers to be filled
  • Different pumps and drives matching the system available
  • The system is dispatched calibrated

With the semi-automatic filling system FLUX-FILL GT, low viscosity and foaming fluids can be filled quickly, efficiently and safely. The system works with a scale and thus enables filling according to the pre-packaging regulation (FPackV). The integrated filling program management allows the fluids to be easily filled into a wide variety of containers using the above-surface method. The system is particularly suitable for filling small and medium-sized container batches, with and without container changes - for internal use as well as for sales.

Drive via hermetically sealed, self-priming magnetic pumps or many other pump systems possible.

Combined with other products from the range of FLUX pumps and accessories, the feed side can also be optimally designed for the application. A compact, semi-automatic filling system can be configured from the filling system and feed components.


  • Low-viscosity fluids up to 1,000 cPs
  • Medium and high viscosity fluids up to 25,000 sPs (non-Ex version)
  • Problematic such as foaming media
  • Cleaning agents, acids, alkalis
  • Shower gel, base creams, shampoo
  • Silicones
  • Oils, aromas
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  • Functional description:

    The semi-automatic filling system FLUX-FILL GT is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries. It basically consists of a table made of stainless steel, a control cabinet with system control and operation terminal as well as a dosing valve with a height-adbjustable filling lance and a calibarated scale.

    The system is calibrated so that the containers intended for sale can be filled in accordance with the pre-packing regulations (FPackV). Depending on the system sold, containers can be filled up to a height of 20.4 in (520 mm) with a bunghole diameter of at least 1.4 in (36 mm). The core of the system is the control cabinet with the scale electronics. The operator can store different filling programs by entering various parameters. Among other things, he/she can create the tare weights of the containers to be filled.