G11A air motor

4 HP air motor for high viscosity pumps

Product attributes

  • Extremely powerful
  • Low maintenance
  • With speed control
  • 4 HP at 87 PSIG
  • Up to 75,000 cPs

These motors are extremely powerful and are perfect for use with high viscosity pumps and fluids. Due to its simple and low maintenance design, they are highly reliable and easy to service when necessary. Available in sizes that will pump anything from thin liquids, to those just capable of flowing.




Technical data

  • Enclosure: IP 55
  • ATEX Ex II 2 G c T5
  • Inlet Air Pressure: max 100 PSIG
  • Capacity: 4 HP (3.0 kW)
  • Ventilation: External
  • Variable Speed: Yes