Tote & IBC mixers

For use in 250 - 300 gallon totes & intermediate bulk containers

Dynamix carries a wide variety of tote tank mixers and tote agitators that are generally used for mixing between 250 and 300 gallons. They are known best for their Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) because of its design and the type of mixing it enables.

By applying the ITM tote mixer design, we offer a performance guarantee and convert your tote from a shipping vessel to a process tank. The ITM uses the first 4-bladed collapsible impellers on the market. This impeller technology allows engineers to apply the torque principles of larger industrial agitators into a tote and guarantee its performance.

This tote tank mixer fully encloses the tote to ensure the product cannot be contaminated during the mixing process. The dynamic coupling allows for increased portability, installation, and removal, as a single drive can be attached to different tote by one person.


  • Motors available from 1/2 to 2.0 HP in compressed air-operated, electric, variable speed & explosion proof options
  • Gear reduction of 5:1, 10:1 & 21:1. Large gear ratios offer torque capacity and low RPM mixing
  • Collapsible impellers offer increased mixing through tote opening
  • Mounting configurations available: bridge mount & economy mount for simple set-up & handling