Sanitary mixers

For food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic & healthcare industries

Dynamix sanitary agitators are a highly configurable line of mixers ideal for use in facilities governed by FDA, USDA and other sanitary standards. Models include high quality 316 stainless steel construction throughout or just the wetted part depending on your budget. This offers cleanliness where needed. The DMX 5000 gearbox offers an industry leading 3-year warranty and comes standard with USDA Class H1 approved lubricant. A variety of mounting options offers the utmost flexibility. Auxiliary bearings are used to isolate loads from the drive and allows the motor to run efficiently and without damage over it's long-term use. Impellers are selected by addressing your mixing need such as uniformity, area of influence, shear, solids suspension and many others.


  • Motors available from 1/2 to 2.0 HP in compressed air-operated, electric, variable speed & explosion proof options
  • Gear reduction of 5:1, 10:1 & 21:1 for low RPM mixing with substantial torque
  • Impeller options: P4 pitch, radial & Dynaflow™
  • Mounting configurations available: sanitary tri-clamp, flange & portable clamp mount adaptable to any type of tank
  • 316 stainless steel standard; special coatings & finishes available upon request