Drum mixers

For use in open and closed drums up to 55 gallons

Dynamix carries a wide variety of 55 gallon drum mixers: drum bung mixers, barrel mixers & open drum mixers for many application or manufacturing process use. Whether you need drum agitators to be mounted through a small 2" NPT bung opening; with a lid to mount on an open top drum; or clamping the mixer on the side lip of the drum, we have a utility mixer solution for you.

55 gallon closed drum mixers are the solution to mix and suspend products throughout the product supply chain. In particular, for closed head 55 gallon drums that have a 2″NPT port, we offer our bung mount mixer. This drum mixer is specifically designed to enter a closed head drum tank and provide increased mixing via collapsible impellers. Open drum mixers are a workhorse in the mixing product line. As with all drum mixers, standard offerings come in many configurations and dimensions.


  • Motors available from 1/2 to 2.0 HP in compressed air-operated, electric, variable speed & explosion proof options
  • Gear reduction of 5:1, 10:1 & 21:1. Large gear ratios offer torque capacity and low RPM mixing
  • Collapsible impellers offer increased mixing through 2" openings
  • Mounting configurations available: bung mount or lid mount (closed drums), clamp mount (open drums)