Product attributes

  • All data will be maintained when replacing the battery due to currentless memory
  • 4 safety levels with PIN setting
  • Special Exit key
  • Single configuration of keys by one function only
  • Also for the explosion proof area in zone 1
  • Test

The reliable FLUX flow meters FMC and FMJ (constructed according to the principle of nutating disc)
or FMO (constructed to the principle of oval rotors) in combination with our drum pumps offers everything
that is needed for the fast and secure emptying of drums and containers.
There are two operation modes available: Normal and Automatic. In normal mode the measured volume will be displayed.
The automatic mode can be used for batch filling using a volume preset by the operator. As soon as the batch filling process is
finished it is possible to send two signals which can be used for a solenoid valve or a drive motor.
Now FLUX flow meters will be delivered serially with the new digital display unit FLUXTRONIC®.


  • For wall mounting
  • Calibration on medium possible
  • Display of filled quantity (normal mode)
  • With switching amplifier batch operation possible (automatic mode)
  • New menu-driven control panel
  • Three additional outlets