BC110 Batch Controller

Electronic display with integral PLC to control a batch process application

Product attributes

  • EZ Setup Feature Speeds Instrument Setup
  • Advanced Batching Features, Including Quick Batching Sequence
  • Two Line OLED Display
  • 4-20 mA Analog Output
  • Isolated Pulse Output
  • RS-232 Port Standard
  • Advanced Printing Capabilities
  • Data Logging

The BC110 is a flow computer designed to take the pulse from a flow meter and provide a variety of functions based on it. The unit offers two configuration modes, one provides batch process control and the second is to function as a rate/totalizer. As a batch controller the BC110 offers 2 relay outputs for pump and valve control along with a sophisticated batch over-run correction to optimize the batch control accuracy. Utilizing the standard print capability the BC110 can not only control a batch, but also can be coupled to a printer to automatically provide documentation of the batch. When configured as a rate totalizer, the BC110 offers rate and total information for the measurement coupled with programmable function to the relay outputs to function as flow rate alarms or totalizer limits. Again, the print capability completes the typical totalizer operation by offering the ability to document the total. Other key features include three soft programmable inputs that can be used for remote operation of the reset, print, start, or stop functions. The bright OLED alphanumeric display shows measured and calculated parameters in easy to understand format. Single key direct access to measurements and display scrolling is supported. An EZ Setup feature rapidly guides the user through the basic setup typically required for most applications. In addition to the control functionality the BC110 has a scaled pulse output and configurable 4-20 mA flow rate output. Beyond printing, the standard RS-232 Serial Port can be used for data logging, or for connection to a modem for remote meter reading.

Technical data