Flow meters

For manual or semi-automatic filling & batching of various fluids

Flow meters

FLUX flow meters are offered in three different operating principles. FMC meters work on the nutating disc principle and work with low to medium viscosity liquids. FMO meters are an oval rotor design that work with a wide range of viscosities. The FMT meters are turbine wheel design and offer a low cost alternative for clean, low viscosity liquids. FMC and FMO meters can be used in conjunction with FLUX drum pumps or installed into stationary piping for fixed applications.


Using these meters with the FLUXTRONIC® digital display unit allows filling, batching and metering processes to be carried out with maximum precision with high degree of safety. A variety of operation modes allows for a wide range of applications and uses in manual and PLC controlled flow measuring.

Technical data:

  • Flow rate: .01 - 100 GPM (0.04 - 380 l/min)*
  • Viscosity: max. 500,000 cPs*
  • Operating pressure: 2,900 PSIG max (200 bar)*
  • Housing materials: S, PP, PVDF, Al, ETFE
  • Available certificates: FDA, ATEX, FOOD*

* dependent on model and medium

Overview FLUX Flow meters


Flow meters type FMC/FMJ built according the nutating disc principle:The flow meters FMC/FMJ work on the nutating disc principle. Here the liquid flow makes the nutating disc move. The evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC® calculates the filled quantity from the number of rotations. For maximum measuring accuracy the system must always be completely filled with liquid (full hose system).

  • Use of the FMC/FMJ flow meters mainly with our drum and container pumps of the 400 series
  • Also for stationary use in plant engineering
  • Use of FMJ only when no batch operation is necessary
  • Suitable for low-viscosity media
  • Also for applications in hazardous areas
  • For applications with low-viscosity, liquid media such as acids, alkalis, fuels (gasoline, diesel), water, oils, easily flammable media, solvents and also slightly contaminated liquids
Flow meter FMC/FMJ
Flow meter FMO

Flow meters type FMO built according the oval rotor priciple:
The flow meters FMO consist of a measuring chamber with oval rotors. The fluid runs through the measuring chamber and thus drives the oval rotors. With a REED sensor the number of rotations is counted and passed to the external FLUXTRONIC®. This calculates the flow quantity of the fluid on the basis of a previously given, medium dependent calibration constant.

  • Use of the flow meters FMO 101 and 102 for small flow rates
  • Flow meters FMO 104 and 110 are mainly used with our drum and container pumps as well as eccentric worm drive pumps
  • Flow meters FMO 140 and 150 are mainly used in larger plants
  • Suitable for pure and thin to high-viscosity media
  • Also for use in hazardous areas
  • Also with FDA/Food approval
  • For pure and also highly viscous liquids, such as acids, alkalis, fuels (gasoline, diesel), water, oils, solvents, easily flammable media and also non-self-lubricating media

Flow meters type FMT built according the turbine wheel principle:
The turbine meter FMT 120 PP consists mainly of a turbine wheel freely rotating in the liquid flow. The medium flowing in
the flow meter makes the turbine wheel turn, this is measured and evaluated. The evaluation of the partial and total quantity is made via the LCD display.

  • Use of flow meter FMT mainly with our JUNIORFLUX/COMBIFLUX pumps
  • Low-cost alternative to our FMC/FMJ flow meters
  • Suitable for pure, low-viscosity media
  • For neutral, thin and non-flammable liquids
Flow meter FMT
Evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC

Evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC®

With the evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC® for FMC/FMJ and FMO filling and dosing processes of almost all kinds of
fluids can be performed with maximum precision and highest safety. There are two operating options:

  • Normal mode (manual use):
    In normal mode all incoming impulses are counted and displayed. There are no valves activated. This operation mode is suitable for a simple filling task. Additionally, a total quantity display is available. For normal mode no additional devices are required.

  • Automatic mode (batch operation):
    The automatic mode is suitable to fill the same quantities (which can be pre-set) automatically at the push of a button.
    Here, further devices such as amplifier and valves (solenoid valves) are required.

As in normal operation a total quantity display is also available in automatic mode. Additionally, a cycle counter is integrated which then registers and adds up complete filling processes.

FMC & FMO flow meters used in semi-automatic metering systems

FLUX semi-automatic filling systems allow pre-set quantities to be quickly and safely metered at the touch of a button. They provide an economical alternative to conventional automatic filling systems and stations. The combination of pump, motor, flow meter and additional accessories is designed for the specific application, it can also be configured for ex-applications. In order to configure a semi-automatic filling system, it is essential to follow the correct procedure.

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