FES 800 for cleaning agents and disinfectants

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Pre-assembled pump kit to pump cleaning agens and disinfectants out of 15 gal hobbocks. Comprising drum pump F 424, outer tube in polypropylene with commutator motor FEM 4070. Fume gland to protect operator and environment of dangerous vapours. Furthermore, hose and hand nozzle are included.

Product attributes

  • With fume gland
  • Immersion length 800 mm
  • No seal in the liquid area
  • No contamination of the medium by lubricants
  • Free from wear
  • Relief openings provide the same fluid level inside the pump compared to the drum content
  • No risk of vapours escaping
  • Immersion length adjusted on 15 gal hobbocks
  • Optimum centre of gravity - the container does not fall
  • Non-sensitive to dry-running
  • No seal wear
  • No bearing wear
  • No contamination of the medium by abrasion of sealans
  • No contamination of the medium by lubricants
  • Low maintenance
  • Built to last

Technical Data

  • Flow rate: max. 43 GPM (165 l/min)
  • Delivery head: max. 31 feet
  • Viscosity: min. 1 cPs - max. 600 cPs
  • Outer tube diameter: max. 41 mm
  • Immersion length: 800
  • Materials outer tube: Polypropylene
  • Media/Fluids: Acids, Alkalis
  • Seal: sealless
  • Container: Small containers, Hobbocks