FP314 COMBIFLUX Sealless

Sealless design with removable motor

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The small drum pump COMBIFLUX FP314 is particularly suitable for pumping small quantities from containers such as small pails up to 55 gal drums. The intelligent cooling concept of the motor with double-walled housing ensures optimum air circulation and protects against the penetration of aggressive vapors. The small diameter of the outer tube allows for use with containers with narrow openings. The sealless COMBIFLUX FP314 is designed on a modular basis and can either be operated with the commutator motor FEM 3070 or the battery motor FBM-B 3100. This way, several pumps can be operated with one motor.

Product attributes

  • Simple motor and pump assembly via quick-action coupling
  • Small outer tube diameter can transfer from narrow-necked and containers difficult to access
  • Sealless design
  • Light weight
  • One motor can be used with a variety of pump tubes (once at a time)
  • Also suitable for filling smaller quantities
  • Hand nozzle always quickly at hand due to holding hook
  • Low storage space required
  • Also for pumping out of IBCs
  • One battery charge is enough to empty 17 x 200 l drums or 3 IBCs
  • Short charging time for battery of less than 1 hour


Technical Data

  • Flow Rate: max 15.5 GPM
  • Delivery Head: max 27 ft
  • Viscosity: 1 - 250 cPs
  • Outer Tube Diameter: 25 mm - 32 mm 
  • Standard Immersion Lengths: 20, 27, 39, 47 in (500, 700, 1000, 1200 mm)
  • Materials of Construction: Polypropylene, Polyninyldene fluoride (PVDF), Stainless Steel
  • Temperatures to 140°F (60°C)
  • Fluid Examples: Acids, Alkalis, Cleaning Solutions, Aggressive chemicals
  • Seal: sealless
  • Containers: Pails, Buckets, Carboys, Hobbocks, 55 Gal Drums, totes