Air-operated diaphragm pumps

Self-priming pumps also for pumping abrasive media

Air-operated diaphragm pumps

Air-operated diaphragm pumps are self-priming and protected against dry running. The pumps are distinguished for their versatility and can be used for virtually all types of media. Available in heavy duty (RFM) or injection-moulded/cast (FDM) version for a huge diversity of applications, they are designed for high pressures up to 300 PSIG. In addition to other properties, they are outstanding due to their ease of handling.

AOD pumps feature non-stall air valve technology that guarantees reliability and safe operation. The flow is infinitely variable via the air pressure. In addition the flow rate is easy to calculate. As a result of the integrated silencer the compressed air-operated diaphragm pumps are low noise. In addition the pumps are low-maintenance, in particular if used for pure media.

Technical data:

  • Delivery rate: max. 274 GPM (1040 l/min)*
  • Viscosity: max. just capable of flowing*
  • Operating pressure: max. 300 PSIG*
  • Suction lift (dry): max. 14 feet*
  • Suction lift (wet): max. 31 feet*
  • Housing Materials RFM:
    • PP, PTFE
  • Housing Materials FDM:
    • PP, AC, PVDF, AL, S, GG
  • Available certificates: Ex*, FDA*

* dependent on pump model, medium and motor

Overview Air-operated diaphram pumps

FLUX Air-operated diaphragm pumps Type RFM in solid construction version

The air-operated diaphragm pumps of the type RFM are suitable for a wide variety of industries, such as: B. chemicals, paints, varnishes, solvents, adhesives, water & sewage and much more, especially when a high output pressure is required.

Advantages RFM-Air-operated diapgragm pumps:

  • Solid pump design due to massive type of construction
  • Four model sizes with max. delivery rates of 1 to 375 l/min
  • Pump housing in PP or PTFE
  • Vulcanized diaphragms including a metallic core
  • Safe dry running and overload-proof
  • Self-priming
  • Insensitive to solids in suspension
  • Variable delivery rates by simply adjusting the air pressure
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Suitable for high temperature
  • High service life due to short storke lifts
  • Easily accessible control valve without seals
  • Models 10, 15 and 25 also available in conductive version Type RFML for use in hazardous areas
  • Also available as FDA compliant Version
Air-operated diaphragm pumps RFM

FLUX Air-operated diaphragm pumps type FDM in injection-moulded/cast version

Air-operated diaphragm pumps FDM

The air-operated diaphragm pumps of the type FDM are suitable for a wide variety of industries, such as: B. Chemistry, paints, varnishes, solvents, adhesives, water & sewage and much more.

Advantages FDM-Air-operated diaphragm pumps:

  • Pumps in seven different sizes with flow rates from 20 l / min to 1040 l / min
  • Self priming
  • Gentle displacement promotion
  • Available in the materials polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, acetal, aluminum, stainless steel, gray cast iron
  • Dry-running and overload-proof
  • Infinitely variable via the air volume
  • Operation with oily air intended (maintenance unit)
  • Operation with inexpensive compressed air
  • High start-up security in every switch-off position guarantees safe operation
  • Compressed air diaphragm pumps made of aluminum, gray cast iron, stainless steel and acetal are suitable for use in Ex areas

How is a Air-operated diaphragm pump constructed?

FLUX Air-operated diaphragm pumps are most versatile and can be used for almost every liquid in all different fields of industry. Be it viscous products, even with solids in suspension, abrasive fluids, high flammability or aerated liquids: FLUX Air-operated diaphragm pumps meet every application featuring high operation safety and reliability.

Due to their solid construction together with matched diaphragms, these self-priming pumps are especially designed for continuous operation. Diaphragm pumps ensure a very smooth liquid transfer (no shearing), are insensitive to solids in suspension, safe in dry running as well as totally overload-proof.

Other main features of Air-operated diaphragm pumps are their high cost efficiency and a very low noise level. Each pump can be easily dismantled for an optimum cleaning. A comprehensive range of accessories such a pulsation dampers, pressure controllers with filter unit, stroke counters and fittings guarantee a safe use of the pumps.

Overview Industry sectors

Paints and lacquers
Paints and lacquers
Surface technology
Surface technology
Water treatment
Water treatment