FLUX Pumps for the Chemical Industry

Chemische Industrie

As a dynamic driver of innovation, the chemical industry represents the widest array of chemicals and manufacturing processes. Ensuring the accurate and safe transfer, filling & metering of various fluids with different viscosities is of the utmost importance.

Whether it is acids, alkalis, explosive or corrosive solvents – each liquid has special safety standards that need to be strictly followed. We at FLUX keep a competent and diligent eye on the requirements necessary for the safe handling of these liquids. This enables us to deliver customized solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Just put us to the test and you will see - the chemistry is right.

Liquid examples

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Adhesive
  • Ammonia
  • Azide chemistry
  • Brake fluids
  • Caustic
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Demineralised water
  • Disinfectant
  • Dispersions
  • Emulsifier
  • Firemen foam
  • Formic acid
  • Greases
  • Nitric acid
  • Oil-containing solutions
  • Perchlorethylene
  • Photo chemicals
  • Plastic foam
  • Silicone paste
  • Sodium chloride solutions
  • Solvents
  • Sulfuric acid

Application examples

Precision metering of mineral oils from IBCs

Customer has a need to batch set volumes of various oils into an extruder using preset batch technology.

Customer's requirements:
- Metering accuracy: +/- 1%
- Flow rate: 15 GPM 
- Delivery pressure: 14 psi

F430 S drum pump with mechanical seal
F457 commutator motor
FMO 110 flow meter
FLUXTRONIC® evaluation unit
Switching amplifier
Solenoid valve
Float switch

Application description:
FLUX assembled an individually configurable filling system that offers a customized solution for the customer's specific needs - built up from stock components.

After presetting the desired quantity, the F430 S drum pump  is started in the IBC by a push of the button on the FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronic. When the set quantity has been reached, the drum pump automatically switches off while operating in batch mode. The switching amplifier FSV 100 handles the on and off function.

Another container is present above the IBC with the metering device. Its solenoid valve opens by way of the float switch as soon as a minimum level has been reached. This ensures that the IBC with the metering device is always automatically refilled. An additional advantage is that the IBC is permanently integrated into the system and does not have to be replaced.

FLUX has professionals standing by to work with you on your metering needs.

Formic acid transfer from totes

Formic acid needs to be transferred from IBCs into small drums. This is done in pre-production for producing specialty chemicals for sealing systems and marking materials in the construction field.

The following problems had to be solved:
- Ability to pump only small quantities from the IBCs
- Liquid continued to leak out of the container via a ball valve
- No power connection on site for a motor to be plugged in

COMBIFLUX FP314 drum pump
FBM-B 3100 battery operated, cordless motor
Hose with hand nozzle

Application description:
For this application, the COMBIFLUX FP314 drum pump with a battery-driven motor is ideal for the remote use. It also happens to be extremely well-suited for small filling quantities. The COMBIFLUX is simply inserted into the IBC, the motor is turned on and pumping begins.

The FBM-B 3100 cordless motor can be quickly removed from the pump tube via the quick coupling clamps. This makes it possible to leave the pump tubes in several containers and couple the motor only where liquid needs to be pumped at that time. One motor for many pump tubes allows for cost savings and makes particular sense when many different liquid types are being pumped and cleaning the pump in between use becomes to costly and time consuming.

Metering of disinfectants used to prevent Legionella

Disinfectants are to be transferred with a gear pump and an integrated flow meter is needed to batch the liquid into a ventilation system.

Customer's requirements:
- Metering accuracy: +/- 10 ml
- Flow rate: 1 gph
- Intermittent service that operates multiple times per day

FMO 102 flow meter
FLUXTRONIC® Evaluation electronics
Switching amplifier

Application description:
The disinfectant is pumped into the ventilation system using an existing gear pump. The FLUX FMO 102 flow meter and the FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronic were installed to handle the metering.

The FMO 102 industrial oval-gear meter offers the optimal solution in this situation because it is capable of metering liquids varying from high to low viscosity in a very accurate fashion.

The FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics with switching amplifier offers two operating modes:
1. In "normal mode" it indicates the current flow rate of the liquid
2. In "automatic mode/batch mode" a preset quantity of fluid can be metered our at the push of a button and filled semi-automatically.

Manual batching of solvents from drums and totes

A wide variety of solvents (including flammable solvents) need to be transferred from 55 gal drums quickly and pumped into various other containers.

FP430Ex S with mechanical seal
F460 Ex commutator motor
or: Pump kit "for universal applications"

Application description:
FLUX drum pumps are ideal for the fast pumping of low viscosity media – including solvents. The pump and motor set-up is inserted into the container of liquid and turned on - it's that simple.

The FP430 S with mechanical seal is best suited for applications where when different liquids are being pumped because the mechanical seal prevents the liquid from entering the inner tube. This mean that the drum pumps can be disassembled and cleaned quickly and easily.

In particular in the case of solvents, explosion protection requirements are of the utmost importance. We offer specially certified drum pumps with explosion-proof motors (Ex motors) for this. Our hand nozzles are affixed to the end of the hose ensuring that the solvents can be transferred without any problems. Corresponding explosion protection certificates are also available for the hose and hand nozzles if required.

Batch filling of cleaning agents

Acidic and alkali cleaning agents need to be batched from bulk tanks into smaller containers for resale.

F425 S for 99.98% drum emptying
FBM 4000 Ex brushless motor
FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electrinics 
Switching amplifier
FAE Filling unit 
Universal chemical hose

Application description:
Up until now, this customer had been tipping over the IBCs, using gravity to fill the smaller containers set atop floor scales. Not only does this lead to many safety concerns, but this always leaves behind significant amounts of cleaning agent in the supply containers. This creates lost revenue by wasted product or increases costs associated with disposing of the chemicals properly.

Our semi-automatic filling system consisting of the F425 S drum pump, FMC flow meter, FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics, switching amplifier and the FAE filling unit is now in use at this facility. In this system, the precise fill quantity is predefined and filling can be done at the touch of a button. Once the set quantity is reached, the drum pump switches off automatically. Thus, in batch operation, predefined quantities can be filled automatically several times consecutively. Scales are only necessary for random checks.

The F425 drum pump for 99.98% drum emptying features a built-in non-return device which can be closed if required. Once the drum is empty, the pump can be removed without the liquid flowing out of the pump and back into the empty container. With the F425 drum pump, less than .02% of residue remains in a container. The best result of all - no longer needing to tip heavy totes which greatly reduces the potential for workplace injury.

Topping off electroplating baths with sulphuric acid

Additional amounts of sulphuric acid need to be added to electroplating baths from small, portable container. On this occasion, the customer required a pump for filling of small quantities. Since there was no power supply present, the customer required a cordless pump.

FBM-B 3100 cordless, battery motor
Chemical hose and hand nozzle

Application description:
The light-duty FP314 drum pumps are ideal for smaller fill quantities and for filling from containers.. A quick coupling clamp connects the motor to the pump resulting in quick, easy removal of the motor from the pump. The light weight of the COMBIFLUX is another great feature, meaning less effort is needed when changing drums.

In this case, since no electric power supply was available for the motor, we were able to use our FBM-B 3100 battery motor as an alternative.

The operator places the COMBIFLUX FP314 with battery motor into the relevant container and can then safely dispense the sulfuric acid into the various electroplating baths with ease.

High-viscosity silicone paste pumping

Freshly made, high-viscosity pastes required filling from enclosed mixing tanks into 55 pound buckets.

F550 S TR eccentric worm-drive pump, base plate mounted
Three-phase inverter duty motor
Variable frequency drive

Application description:
Our F550 / F560 eccentric worm-drive pumps offer the perfect solution for low to high-viscosity liquids. If mixing tanks are not accessible from above, like in this case, our TR models are used which allow for horizontal positioning. These are mounted on a base plate, portable cart or other secured configuration next to the container and are connected to the bottom outlet.

One of the mixers built into the containers keeps the silicone paste moving so that the pump can easily handle the product. Unlike with other  high-viscosity liquids, no forced feeding of the liquid into the pump inlet is needed.

A three-phase motor with variable speed drive was used for tighter pump control. In particular, this means that the silicone paste can be pumped gently even outside the normal viscosity ranges.

Transfer of silicone oils

Silicone oils with a viscosity of 5,000 to 10,000 cPs require transfer into 2 gal buckets from 55 gal drums.

F550GS Eccentric worm-drive pump 
F457 commutator motor
General chemical hose

Application description:
Eccentric worm-drive pumps from the F550 series for industrial applications are perfect for pumping high-viscosity liquids such as silicone oils. Theses models provide flows with low turbulence, under constant pressure and ensure gentle, pulsation-free pumping.

A filling device is supplied at room temperature by the F550 GS eccentric worm-drive pump in the gear unit design. The 2 gal buckets are then filled using scales. Alternatively, a FLUX flow meter can also be used.

With the FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics, the filling and metering process of virtually all fluids is performed with maximum precision and the greatest possible safety.

Before introducing the F550 GS eccentric worm-drive pump, the drums first had to be heated to approx. 176°F, otherwise the liquid would not even flow. Use of the FLUX eccentric worm-drive pump makes this additional step unnecessary.

The F550 GS line of pumps are lightweight, portable and quick and easy to disassemble.