FLUX Pumps for Agriculture


Today's agriculture industry requires solutions that bring a balance to their work from both an economic and ecological standpoint. This is what sets FLUX pumps apart, allowing us to make a significant difference in the daily operation of farms & ranches. Our pumps work efficiently and effortlessly, proving to be an exceptional solution for filling, transferring and/or metering fuels, fertilizers and pesticides, along with one of the most important agricultural end products: milk.

From thick to thin liquids, FLUX solutions guarantee high quality results. By offering the lowest overall cost of ownership, we  make it easier for farmers to operate a truly profitable business.

Liquid examples

  • AdBlue® DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Diesel
  • Fertilizer
  • Fuels
  • Milk
  • Pesticides

* AdBlue® is a registered trademark of: Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA)

Application examples

Filling and mixing of pesticides

A variety of low-viscosity pesticides need to be mixed and then filled into day tanks. The customer was looking for a pump that can handle both safe mixing and transfer of these liquids.

F426 drum pump for mixing and/or pumping
F457 commutator motor
Universal chemical hose & hand nozzle

Application description:
The F426 drum pump is ideal allowing for both mixing and/or pumping a diverse selection of liquids.

With the F426, these pesticides which are prone to rapid separation, can be kept moving even during the pumping process. This results in a homogeneous mix for effective use. 

Operation is simple: the F426 drum pump is placed in the container to be emptied and started up. Using handles, the operator can choose between (3) operating modes which can even be switched during operation:

  1. Pump only
  2. Pump and mix simultaneously
  3. Mixing only
Transfer & batch filling of animal attractants

Wild boar attractant, both extremely sticky and viscous, needs to be transferred into smaller container from a 250 gallon vessel. Given the strong odor and stickiness, this liquid must be pumped releasing as few fumes as possible and without any spilling or leaking.

F550 GS eccentric worm drive pump
F457 commutator motors
FMO 104 S flow meter
FSV100 switching amplifier
Bypass/pressure relief valve
Universal chemical hose

Application description:
Our F550 GS series eccentric worm-drive pumps are the perfect solution for sticky, viscous media, like the wild boar attractant in this case.

The F550 GS series has intermediate gearing to reduce the output speed and are designed for use with the lightweight FLUX 4 series AC motors. In particular, this makes it easy to position the eccentric worm-drive pump in the IBC, in the drum, or in any other portable container.

An FMO 104 stainless steel flow meter equipped with FLUXTRONIC® interface and FSV100 amplifier is used in conjucntion with the pump set-up to make semi-automatic filling possible. The customer can set the desired quantity using the FLUXTRONIC® and can then fill at the push of a button. The pump stops automatically once the set volume of liquid has been reached. This process can be repeated with +/-1% accuracy until all of the containers have been filled.

Refueling of vehicles

Agricultural vehicles require refueling with diesel or biodiesel from bulk tanks, IBCs or drums in the farmyard or in the field.

F430 AL with mechanical seal
FEM4070 commutator motor
NBR hose and pump nozzles
FMC100 flow meter

Application description:
The F430 drum pumps make it possible for agricultural farms to set up their own vehicle "filling station" directly in the farmyard or even in a field. The drum pumps, made from thick-walled aluminium, are ideal for diesel and biodiesel. They are simply inserted into the IBC or drum, turned on and you can start filling. A 12V, 24V, 120V or 230V power supply is sufficient.

Alternatively, FLUX offer our COMBIFLUX FP314 pump combined with a battery motor for cordless operation. This makes refueling just about anywhere a possibility.

For the safest and most efficient transfer, a hose and hand nozzle is fitted to the drum pump. For the aforementioned fuels, we also provide self-shutoff pump nozzles which, like at a gas station, close automatically when the tank is full.

An FMC flow meter is installed between the drum pump and hose to display the delivery quantity in real time. This enables the user to dispense the exact quantity they require for each vehicle without overfilling or spills occurring.