FLUX - more than just pumps

One brand. One promise.

Pumping, emptying, mixing, filling and metering ‒ when liquids are set in motion requirements quickly become diverse. Your priority - a smooth running process. That is where FLUX comes in. Recognized across the globe for our quality and safety, our products might be best known for their ability to stand the test of time.

Smooth-running processes ‒ FLUX not only guarantees this for easy to pump fluids but also for viscous or non-flowing media, for aggressive and explosive fluids or for processes where hygiene is a priority. To ensure that your requirements are met in the best possible manner, FLUX boasts the widest and deepest range of products and expertise. In other words, more than just pumps. From the project perspective, "More than just pumps", means accompanying you from the first call through to the final installation and beyond if desired.

This is how FLUX keeps your processes moving. Whether your priority is life cycle, a simple or complex design, a custom solution: FLUX is uniquely positioned to assist.

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