Mission statement

The foundation of our success

The focus of our work is complete customer satisfaction. Working with challenging fluids requires us to provide safe and efficient solutions through our products and services. We stay in front of technology and market trends and incorporate them for the benefit of our customers. We take great pride in our significant contributions in the areas of resource and energy efficiency. Our values help create a culture of collaboration where team members are always treated with the utmost respect and trust.

Our value system


InnovationThe world's first electric drum pump in 1950 was named FLUX. Since the inception of our company, we stand for a combination of ingenuity and innovative technology. We focus on the development of new, future-oriented products that are tailor-made to the needs of our customers. As a technology pioneer, we continuously pursue trends while never losing sight of our environment.


ErfolgFLUX is an independent, mid-sized company that has been successfully operating in the marketplace for over 60 years. Our family ownership model inherently affords us the continuity required to prosper to our fullest potential. We are committed to the "guidance" principle and ensure that our employees are empowered to take initiative and responsibility in their respective roles. This approach is what fuels our continuous organizational development and innovation at FLUX.


ZusammenarbeitIn order to meet the ever increasing demands facing our customers, we focus on building long term relationships. Team-work, respect, open dialog and mutual motivation characterize our work processes. We believe that continuous constructive cooperation creates the trust from which success is bred.


WissenSuccess has a lot to do with knowledge. This is why understanding the specific requirements of our customers is such a priority. We also understand that every time we deliver a product we also deliver over 60 years of fluid technology experience. This realization drives our relentless focus on education and training here at FLUX. It is not uncommon at FLUX that apprentices and interns develop into senior product specialists or executives.


FairnessThe principle of performance and recognition dictate our entrepreneurial activity. This applies to business relations with customers and suppliers as well as to the fair treatment of our team members. Fairness also means fair compensation. This was confirmed by the Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth when they bestowed the 2011 “Logib-D tested” award for fair compensation to FLUX. We do not demand fairness. We choose to live it every day.


QualitätThe FLUX brand is a promise of quality. Our customers trust that when they buy FLUX they buy quality. Meeting these expectations every day is why we remain “Made in Germany” with a vertical integration of over 80%. Quality and sustainability are reflected in our products as well as in our work processes. The durability and reliability of our pump technology is unrivaled in the industry. The countless certificates of independent institutions are further proof of our commitment to quality.


KundenFLUX Pumps is a family owned, mid-size business with operations and partnerships in over 100 countries. Our corporate infrastructure reflects our commitment to be a reliable partner for our customer base regardless of geography and cost.


GesellschaftWe are committed to our employees, their families and our environment. We provide enjoyable, rewarding and safe work settings while designing and manufacturing our products in an environmentally conscious way.

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