There is quality...

and then there is RENNER quality

Like FLUX, RENNER has always stood for quality. Although the company and all of its processes are certified, RENNER holds itself to an even higher standard. For example 100% of the products undergo a complete inspection before leaving the factory floor.

We invite you to experience RENNER's unique commitment to quality

RENNER insists that all key components that go into its products are manufactured in a RENNER facility. As Wolfgang Renner elaborated "experience has proven that this is the only to way to meet our self imposed quality standards, the same ones our customers have come to value."

Precision in every detail

Existing products are continuously improved while new products are designed and realized in close collaboration with customers, universities and a team of engineers. The decisive metric is always the practical benefit for the customers.

Even our tools are subject to strict standards

The advantages of the RENNER technology are particularly appreciated in applications with exacting quality demands. RENNER is so relentless in its pursuit of quality that when you ask a RENNER engineer if he is satisfied with his accomplishments, he will almost always respond "it could be better!"

In-house R&D center