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Electroplating and surface finishing includes a large number of complex electro-chemical processes and applications, which require the use of special pumps and filters.

The usually aggressive and/or toxic liquids used result in the need for pumps and filters that can excel in tough services and corrosive environments. In terms of load bearing capacity and durability, all components of a RENNER pump have to be totally reliable to guarantee a consistently perfect end result and maximum process reliability. This applies not only to the actual electroplating method, but the entire process, such as degreasing, etching, purging, after-treatment and filtration using special RENNER filter systems.


RENNER specializes in short set vertical sealless pumps, filter skids, horizontal mag-drive pumps and more!

Application examples

These processes use many different methods depending on the desired end result. Our customers in the industry produce a wide variety of products for many sectors including automotive, aerospace, printed circuit board, medical tools & devices, specialty & high purity chemicals, and many more. RENNER equipment is used as standard in the following methods:

  • Strip electroplating
  • Band plating
  • Rack plating
  • Manual electroplating
  • Electroplating of plastics
  • Wire finishing
  • Ceramic printing
  • Wet chemical etching of glass and silicon substrates
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Anodizing (electrolytic oxidation of aluminum)
  • Cathodic dip coating (CDC)
  • Deburring, electro-polishing and anodizing of precision metal parts
  • Bacteria inhibition in electroplating baths
  • Exhaust air scrubbers
  • Wastewater treatment


Surface finishing includes a large number of complex processes and applications that require pumps and filters with a long service life.


Different RENNER pump types are specified according to the finishing method being used and the application requirements. Vertical centrifugal immersion pumps are the most widely used type, however, applications do exist where the use of a horizontal magdrive pump is beneficial or preferred. System design and solutions are based on customer specified needs and wants. Quality comes standard. RENNER products can also be offered in a mobile solution to allow for various uses around the facility. 



REN-ADSORB mobile filtration system

RT Series Centrifugal Immersion Pumps

Our centrifugal immersion pumps are used where the process does not allow a magnetic coupling or the system design includes directly fitted or immersed pumps.

Our product range includes centrifugal immersion pumps that range in flow performance from less than 5 GPM to more than 265 GPM. We also manufacture pumps for tall tanks (up to 10 feet), which require a corresponding immersion length. RT pumps up to 20" (500mm) length are without intermediate bearings and therefore suitable for dry running.

RENNER centrifugal immersion pumps are perfect for handling aggressive, toxic, and/or abrasive materials. Depending on chemical or thermal requirements, the pump component materials are selected to ensure compatibility. This guarantees consistently high performance and an incredibly long service life.

The pumps can be installed in depressurized tanks, open pools, or pits which extends the range of applications for the different surface finishing methods. They are available as a sealless version (RTM) or, if there is a lack of space inside the tank, for vertical installation on the outside of the tank (RT-A).

RENNER RT Series Pumps are designed with long motor life in mind. No attack from harmful vapors.

RM Series Horizontal Magdrive Centrifugal Pumps

Certain electroplating processes require the use of a magnetic centrifugal pump. In contrast to centrifugal immersion pumps, their magnetic coupling allows contactless torque transmission.

RENNER magnetic centrifugal pumps have a hermetically sealed design and are completely leak free. These properties make them ideal for pumping aggressive liquids outside of process tanks.

They are normally installed outside an immersion tank or medium and integrated into the overall system with corresponding piping, for example on safety grounds, due to space considerations, or for design reasons.

RENNER RM Series Sealless, Magdrive Centrifugal Pumps. Canned motor, liquid ring, run-dry and self-priming designs available.

Filter Housings

The layers created in the electroplating process are extremely thin, which is why any impurity in the process baths due to dirt particles has to be prevented from the outset. RENNER filters deliver exceptional long-term performance for all methods – including pre-treatment, metal precipitation, purging, and post-treatment. The same applies for necessary secondary processes, such as waste water and exhaust air treatment.

Offering high-efficiency filter housings, quick-change designs & pump w/filter packages. RENNER can also customize the housings to your needs.

Process Monitoring with RPR Control

The electronic process monitoring system from RENNER, protects both the pumps and the electroplating process itself. It issues warnings relating to clogged filters, risks of dry/hot running and overloads conditions. In critical situations, the RPR reliably shuts down the pumps before any damage can occur. The control module can also check to make sure the system is operating at a set flow rate to prevent downtime and costly failures.

Protect your investments with process monitoring control.

Filter Media and Accessories

RENNER supplies an extensive range of filters for industrial solid-liquid separation. We offer filter cartridges, filter bags and filter paper. A range of adsorption media, such as “spaghetti” filters, “angel’s hair”, or activated carbon are also available. RENNER offers the necessary consumable for all filter housings that are offered, as well as for some competitive filter brands.

Full range of accessories and filter media for your process.