What US customers are saying...

Renewable energy
Renewable energy

Quality and reliability second to none

“We use RENNER’s pumps for our most critical corrosive applications; quality and reliability second to none.”


Harsh chemical applications

“I have enjoyed the reliability of the RENNER mag-drive pumps in multiple harsh chemical applications. The material selections in polypropylene and PVDF have met compatibility needs and various sizes have met duty point requirements. I am thankful for the variety of engineering considerations that RENNER pumps have satisfied.”


Limited downtime

"...I am always impressed with the quality of products produced by Renner. This quality provides reliability of service, resulting in limited downtime, and overall cost savings...”


Long life and run dry capabilities

“I am very impressed with the RENNER mag drive pumps for their long life and run dry capabilities. They are unmatched for non-metallic chemical pumps with no rotating seal maintenance requirements.”

Chemical and petrochemical

Customization of standard designs

“We have used Renner pumps as acid transfer pumps for many years and have had very few issues with them. I have been impressed with Renner’s engineering support in meeting challenging offshore requirements that require customization of standard designs to meet very specific criteria.”

Water treatment
Water treatment


“RENNER was very responsive and understood the time sensitive nature of responding to an opportunity to replace a competitive product. ”